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GOLDENKATZ LIMITED is founded in 2012 and has in the own state professionally trained staff in the discrete programming, and also the company has staff of the highest category experts of high-frequency trading of the international accreditation.

Use of the algorithmic tools on the discrete programming basis and use in the trading on the Forex market of innovative trade strategy it is the main advantages of the GOLDENKATZ LIMITED.

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Running days
48 (from 01/12/2018)
Total accounts
Total deposited
$ 713.71
Total withdrawal
$ 405.35
Last deposits
malik0624 $15.00
King201 $19.53
King201 $15.75
Sanoo $10.00
nlj $11.16
valenciasarahjoy $10.50
valenciasarahjoy $10.00
Drago $10.00
nlj $10.00
Invest $10.00
Last withdrawals
ALEXANDER75 $16.20
Drago $5.25
paiuca $11.00
Green $5.25
Shahin5192 $2.20
Invest $10.00
nlj $11.71
Sanoo $10.50
Drago $3.50
Arnaud9 $1.00

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